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The Motel Sisters

The Motel Sisters, Paris and Tacky Motel, are a multi-faceted artist duo from Western Sydney. Their work engages with Australian society, pop culture and the contemporary art world. The characters are loosely based on celebrities, over-media-saturated socialites such as Paris Hilton. They have ‘crashed’ TV shows such as Ready Steady Cook, and performed at large galleries including Helsinki’s Kiasma and Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art.

Despite travelling the world, Paris and Tacky love their home in Western Sydney best of all. In 2018, Paris and Tacky were artists-in-residence at Abel Tasman Village, Chester Hill, living, working and playing with the residents and staff for one month. They love meeting new people and spreading happiness and art wherever they go!

Image courtesy of the artists and Camille Walsh Photography.

At NEAC 2019 The Motel Sisters will appear at: