22-23 July 2019 – Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre


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Financial Safeguarding

Our laws focus on individual and substitute decision making regarding our assets and finances.

Traditionally, safeguarding has focused on risk management and the vulnerability of the older person.  From a human rights approach, the views and wishes of the older person need to become key factors in service responses.

Read more about the financial safeguarding panels happening across both days of the conference.

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In recognition of this year's World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, we asked speakers from the conference one powerful question:

What’s the most significant change you’d like to see within the elder abuse space?

Here’s what they said:

Sam Edmonds B & W

Karyn Walsh

“The most significant change I would like to see within the elder abuse space is greater awareness of the issue. We need to educate families about ways to engage in respectful dialogue regarding the care of their elders, their assets choices and safety.”

Samantha Edmonds

“The most significant change that I would like to see within the elder abuse space is recognition that LGBTI elders can not only face experiences of abuse that are experienced by all older people but also can potentially face abuse that is specific to being LGBTI – such as threats of being “outed” as a way to control the person and denying hormones to those that need them – and that responses to this specific abuse is included in all responses to elder abuse.”

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